Sul and Beans

The last year and a half have sped by so fast. It’s easy to lose track of time and fall out of touch with old friends. So this impromptu get together with some of my closest friends from way back in the early college days was much needed.

We swung by Sul and Beans in Ktown for some Pat Bing Soo, which is basically Korean Shaved Ice. I demanded strawberries, so we split a strawberry cheesecake bingsoo, a green tea bingsoo and injeolmi toast. Injeolmi toast is crispy toast with a layer of gummy rice cake in the center, sprinkled with almonds and almond dust or other possible toppings. You get a a little shot of condensed milk on the side that you can dip your toast into or pour over your bingsoo.

The green tea was a little light for me and I’ve never been a huge fan of the red bean that it came with, but I loved the toast. The strawberry bingsoo was pretty good too. We spent about $25 altogether for all three desserts. According to one of my friends who spent quite a bit of time in Korea, Sul and Beans is a popular franchise in the country, but only recently opened in Ktown. It’s not a must-try for me but it was definitely a delicious and fun dessert to split with friends!


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