Life is Short, Eat Dessert

Apartment hunting is hard-work. There’s a stress that comes with trying to find the perfect place that fits your budget, is in the right location and has everything you need. When you’re still in school, it’s easier to settle. In my head, I was always asking if I could put up this or that for just nine months. If the answer was yes, then the apartment was a go. Now though, I have to think long-term and a lot of little things that normally wouldn’t be a problem add up to a deal-breaker. That being said, I’m thankful to have a wonderful future roommate who is looking for all the same things.

We’ve spent the last couple of weekends visiting apartments and it always ends in boba. This week was Berlin’s, a place near Hollywood. It was pretty mediocre boba, but it was a nice shop. Sometimes I feel bad about the amount of money I spend on desserts and boba, but hey. Life is short, eat dessert.


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