Bits & Pieces Week 1

I am so sad the weekend is almost over. School and work have been particularly tiring lately and I love me my weekends. Those will be cut in half pretty soon though when I start my Saturday classes in May. But enough about that! Here are a few thoughts and highlights from this past week :

  • Super thankful for my wonderful roommates and for more chances to all spend time together.
  • I have had this Polaroid 600 camera since my second year and it’s pretty neat being able to look back at my college experience in distinct snapshots.
  • I started reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and there’s a lot about the philosophy of Stoicism that I can get onboard with.
  • Halley Mason is an incredible tattoo artist and I just put down the deposit for my first piece!
  • Finally cleaned the apartment after dog-sitting for my sister and clean, furless floors are amazing.
  • I’ve been in such a cooking mood all week. I think I’ve made dinner almost everyday. Recipes to come!


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