The Good Old Days

Sometimes life can get away from you. And it’s easy to be stressed and to be tired and to be overwhelmed. But a few days of that and you end up going to sleep as a person you don’t like. I feel like that’s been me for the past few days. Just tired and frustrated and scared of trying to put my life together after graduation. I need to be more conscious of what I’m putting out and who feels the brunt of my tiredness and my stress when I get home from long days. I can be patient. I can be kind. I can be balanced and I can balance all the good things in life. ‘Cause they’re all good things when you really think about it. So cheers to that! And cheers to everyone else who’s on the struggle bus to adulthood. We’ll get there someday.

On another note, this picture is from Cafe 50s, a 50s throwback diner that we went to for brunch last weekend. It’s small, crowded and the food was nothing spectacular, but any place with brunch is a good one in my book.


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