Bits & Pieces Week 2

Graduation is coming up in about a month and I can’t believe how fast college has flown by, as cliche as that is. Here’s the update for the past few weeks. Some exciting, some less so, but I’m curled up in bed as I write this so all is well.

  • My mama is an amazing mother and an incredibly strong woman. Happy Mother’s Day Mama and to all the wonderful mothers out there.
  • I binge watched the new Netflix documentary series Chef’s Table. It was a little dramatized, but food shows always get me.
  • Racists pop up everywhere. Yesterday in particular felt like a tough day to be asian.
  • Job interviews have been flowing in and it’s pretty encouraging to know you have options when it comes to your future.
  • The future roommate and I found the perfect apartment! Sent in our applications, but keep your fingers crossed that we get it. Seriously, it’s perfect.

This little cafe is Document Coffee Bar over in K-Town, where the amigos and I spent a couple hours studying yesterday. It’s a cute shop with a clearly hipster vibe with a pretty good macchiato and some funky music. I like the feel of studying in cool shops like this. I’ll have to squeeze in more of that these last few weeks.


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