Wind and Waves

This past week has been hectic. The only down time I’ve had all weekend was sleeping. So, our kayaking trip was a much needed breath of fresh air, figuratively and literally speaking. We had a free two hours of kayaking within the little bay at Marina del Rey, and we spent all of it paddling to the outer wall and back. I got a tandem with the roommate (who you should follow here) and snapped a couple photos of her while we waited for everyone to pack up and leave. The bay’s pretty crowded with small fishing boats, paddle boarders, seals and other kayakers. You have to be pretty cautious about not getting hit.

Back in the highschool/middle school days, my family used to go kayak fishing every weekend in the earliest hours of the morning. It was one of the few things we all loved to do together. We haven’t gone in ages since we sold all the kayaks, but it felt great to get back on the waters again.


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