Lunch lately…

First thing I do getting home from work every day is make dinner and the leftovers always end up being lunch the next day. So here’s what we’ve been cooking up in the kitchen lately!

Chuck steak with a peppercorn rub, pan-fried with butter and garlic on the cast-iron! Served with cauliflower, spinach and white mac-and-cheese.

Alan made these delicious stuffed mushrooms a couple weeks ago while I was zooming around the house cleaning and studying for the last of my finals. Cream cheese stuffed mushrooms baked with panko and parsley!

My mom used to make cornbread all the time with actual bits of corn inside. Since I had cornmeal and corn I figured why not bake some. We decided to go all out and make some southern styled barbecue chicken with a side of string beans to go with it. Here’s the recipe I used for the cornbread. 

Lastly, mongolian beef and stir-fried chive buds on top of glass noodles. Chive buds are easily one of my favorite vegetables. I could eat these all day.

We’ve also been eating a lot leftovers from my graduation party and chicken thighs thanks to the giant sale Ralph’s had on chicken. Food is a huge deal in our house, but I’m trying to push us to eat a little healthier, buy better ingredients and finally get that gym membership we keep talking about. I’ll keep you posted on the endeavors! What’s in your kitchen lately?




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