San Francisco | Day One

We made the drive up from Los Angeles to San Francisco early Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend. We originally had a ton of plans to go tour the city, hike, maybe even shop a little before our dinner reservations at Bar Crudo. One thing led to another and we ended up getting to our airbnb place a lot later than expected. It was my first time booking with airbnb and we’d done it pretty late. I was pretty sketched out, especially since the place was in Oakland, too. The neighborhood wasn’t bad though and our host Noah was pretty nice. The place had been described as bohemian, but that was a definite understatement. It was brimming with skulls, wooden staffs, dreamcatchers and all sorts of animal tokens. The whole-shebang. Not sure how I felt about the shared bathroom, but honestly we didn’t spend too much time there. We mostly came back just to crash. Anyways, we relaxed a little bit after the long drive then headed into the city.
Bridges! Bridges everywhere! Driving through SF was a pain. The tolls and traffic and my God, the parking. It may have been worse than LA and that’s saying something. The bridges were always fun though. After finally getting parking we kind of just explored a little. For the most part, we stayed in the outskirts of the town. Making into downtown would have made us late for dinner reservations so we just hung out around the Divisidero area.
I don’t know why, but I was digging this door. San Francisco’s definitely a city with character. The streets are crazy slopes lined with colorful rows of apartments all with personalized touches.
We ended up doing happy hour at Bar Crudo then stayed into our dinner reservations. I’ll make a separate review post on our dining experience there sometime later.  We finished dinner a lot earlier than expected so decided to just hang around while the sun was still out and check out the neighborhood. There was a little park nearby so we did a couple of laps through its various walkways and stopped to look at the Painted Ladies for just long enough to snap a picture. We debated heading home and coming back into the city later for actual nightlife adventures or possibly meeting up with a few friends. In the end, all the exhaustion from the drive won out. It was a little chilly so we tucked into the Mill, a small coffee shop, to escape the cold and grab a sip. Another post on that later! We stayed and chatted until closing then made the drive back to Oakland to relax for the rest of the night.
Look at this poor goob. Just trying to enjoy his coffee and toast without me taking a thousand pictures. That first day in San Francisco was actually pretty stressful at times. Turns out we’re plan people, plan people who can’t make decisions when hungry. The stretched out drive didn’t help much either. It was still fun though, even the drive. Climbing into bed that night, I just felt grateful for how patient this guy is and excited for the plans we had ahead of us.


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