Birthday Wishlist | 22

I’m turning 22 in August! 22’s my favorite number and already it’s looking like it’s going to be my favorite year. Here’s what’s on my wishlist this year:

1. Nike’s 

I’ve been meaning to get a pair of Nike Free’s or Roshe Runs or any decent looking pair of Nike’s for years now. I keep saying that I’m just waiting for the sales, but then I miss the sales and I’m back to waiting again. With the new gym pass and all, I could really use a pair of kicks.

2. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Food Processor

Food’s been getting fancier around here lately. I’m finding myself wishing for a food processor all the time so I can whip up homemade sauces, spreads, dips, smoothies and the like. So many things I could process if only I had a processor. Mama, please!

3. Watering Can

Preferably a super bright 1-gallon metal one. So funny story, my dad actually gave me one of his old watering cans a few weeks back. I was cleaning it out at my parents’ when a giant, and I mean giant, spider came crawling out of the spout while I was holding it. My dad killed it and promised me the spider attacks where over. I took it home and all was fine. Until two days later, I come up to water my plants, and there are thousands of baby spiders in the can, through the spout, all over the handle…Needless to say, there was much screaming and panicking and throwing and “burn it with fire!”. So the can is now out of commission. I’ve been watering the garden with a teapot, ha! Long story short, I need a watering can.

Of course there are all sorts of other things I wouldn’t mind getting. Clothes, more plants, gardening supplies, a delicious dinner out, more polaroid film, etc. But I’d be a pretty happy camper to get these three right here. I’m a simple person haha. Now i’m off to treat myself to an early birthday present, which I’ll share with you all soon! Expect more posts over the weekend!


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