Water for Elephants

This book was so ridiculously average. For those that haven’t already read it, it follows Jacob, a runaway veterinarian student, as he leaves his regular life and accidentally joins a circus. Cue the love triangle. It’s an uncomplicated quick read that’s mildly entertaining at best. Just not one of those stories that grip you, you know. I felt like it could have been a good one, but it’s hard with such flat characters. Jacob is a nice guy, but it’s hard to root for just a nice guy. Same goes for Marlena. Despite Jacob’s fascination with Marlena, the girl doesn’t have half a personality. Jacob is nice. Marlena is dazzling, August is abusive. It should be a red flag anytime you can cut a character down to one word, shouldn’t it? I knocked this one out in about four hours. It’s not a terrible book as a time-killer – like if you had a long train commute or were stuck waiting at the doctor’s for two hours. But I put off the review for a while because honestly, there just wasn’t much to say.


1 thought on “Water for Elephants”

  1. Oh, the reviewer’s worst nightmare is when the book is so ridiculously average you have nothing to say about it D: I applaud you for having the confidence to just state that instead of trying to write a full review for it! I have tried dragging out my review for subpar books in the past and the effort is so not worth it.

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