Bits n’ Pieces : September 2015

Hello my happy clams!

I’ve been away from this space for quite some time now. I mean I’ve been here and I’ve been reading all your wonderful posts, but I took some much needed space from writing my own. But I’m back! And as usual, here’s what’s new.

  • I got a nasty viral respiratory thing a couple of weeks ago, but had to keep working through the fevers because of project deadlines. Work was killer.
  • BUT. My project manager bought us all these tanks to celebrate what we managed to knock out together. Our team was mostly female, which doesn’t happen too often in tech. So very cool thing to have been a part of.
  • I recently bought this book on copperplate calligraphy and it’s an amazing resource for a beginner. Also picked up a new set of Zebra Comic G and Nikko G nibs.
  • Puppy-craze is at an all-time high. I spent this past weekend dog-sitting for a good friend of mine and fell in love with his pup. I want to rescue one, but current apartment is a no-go on dogs. If you’re looking, he found the adorable cuddlebug above at the Forte Animal Rescue.  You can read his specific story here.
  • This weekend I’m shipping the baby sister off to college, which is a such a weird feeling. In my head she’s eternally four years old in hot pink cheetah pjs playing with a hula doll. Sigh. Time.

And that’s what’s happening here. Oh, also, I turned 22. So woohoo for that! Anyway, it’s past midnight and this girl’s got laundry to finish and work tomorrow morning. More posts coming your way soon!


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