Bits n’ Pieces : October 2015

Hullo there! A little overdue, but here’s my October Bits n’ Pieces! It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in Southern California. We’ve even been getting a teensy bit of rainfall these past couple of days. Cue my happy rain dance! I’m a sucker for gloomy, rainy weather. Maybe I shouldn’t live in socal…

Anyways, as usual, here’s what’s new:

  • Happy Halloween!
  • I’m learning Korean! I’ve got a trip to Asia planned for either next year or the year after. That’s plenty of time to pick up basic conversational skills. Plus, I’ve got so much free time now that I’m working, why not learn a language?
  • My latest food obsession? Hotpot! Or shabu shabu or any version of boiling hot soup and delicious melt-in-your-mouth meat. Might do a post on my favorite places soon, but we’ve also been making it quite often in the apartment! Anyone interested in a recipe for that?
  • Dying to dye my hair. Ha ha, very punny I am. Really though, I’ve been having dreams about it. I’m finally heading to the salon this Friday to get it done!
  • My first real projects as a working developer are live! You can check out what card you need in your life with the Visa Card Advisor or go off-roading in a new Honda Pioneer vehicle! I learned so much on these two projects and both of my teams were awesome possum.

Other than that, life’s honestly been feeling so settled lately. I’ve been getting antsy for things to change or something new to happen. It’s been an interesting period, but I’m working on being content with where I am and being grateful for the stability/security I have in life. Trying to enjoy the small quiet moments a little more, you know?


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