Comics Lately

So haven’t picked up too many comics recently, but the couple that I did read were stellar.

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Wytches was creepy and freaky and oh so very wonderful. Whether you’re typically into horror comics or not, this one is so worth the read. It’s about all monsters, the ones outside in the woods and the ones that live inside us. Highly highly highly recommend!


The art style in Monstress is gorgeous and I would have picked it up for that alone. But it’s also got a pretty compelling story that can be quite dark at times. This is the only series that I’m actively picking up issue by issue right now. The rest (mainly Saga) I purchase by Volume instead.


The Walking Dead! So this comic’s been around for ages now, but on a slow day at work, I decided to start reading a couple issues online. The pace is much much quicker than the show, which took me a little bit to get used to. It’s also more gory and gruesome than the show allows sometimes. It’s an interesting contrast for sure.


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