Winter Book Giveaway!


Hi friends!

To celebrate my return to book blogging and as a belated holiday thing, I’m doing a Winter Book Giveaway. An E-Book giveaway that is! That way you don’t have to worry about giving me your address or shipping or any of that. I’ll simply select a few people and send a random e-book your way. All you have to do is leave a comment!

So just post the following list of things in the comments below!

  1. Contact Info
    • E-mail address. If you’re not comfortable putting your email address, make sure your blog is linked so I can contact you!
  2. Type of EBook
    • Mobi, Epub or PDF. What’s your preference?
  3. Preferences
    • Genre, authors, etc.
    • Feel free to link your Goodreads so I can see what you’ve already read!

No promises you’ll get a book you haven’t read or that it’ll be your favorite book ever, but hey, it’s a free book! There are no other rules. You don’t have to be following or share this post or anything like that, but your name will be entered twice if you do! 🙂

As always, Happy Reading folks!



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