The Happiness Tag

Thank you to both Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional and Holly @ Nut Free Nerd for tagging me in the Happiness Tag! Both wonderful girls with wonderful blogs. So check them out if you don’t already have them on your follow list!

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1.Good Food


I could eat forever and ever and ever and ever. Street food, 5 star restaurants, Mama’s homemade recipes…food makes me happier than anything.

2. Books


This obviously gif is much too aggressive, but I love me a good john krasinski gif. Couldn’t help it. Sorry guys.

3. Muay Thai


If I’m not working, eating or reading, guaranteed the gym is where I’ll be. That’s me kicking it up there with one of my favorite training partners and closest friends. *le kick*

4. Doggos and Kitties

I am one of those people that see a dog or cat and instantly squeals. I can’t help it. They have my heart.

5. Tea, Rain and Happy Plants

I’m like a little old lady. I just like to garden and read and sip tea on rainy days.





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This is super hard for me because my music tastes changes drastically depending on my mood or what I’m feeling like at the moment…but here are songs that bring me back to specific moments in my life that make me smile.

Dancin’ by Aaron Smith ( Kronos Remix)

Intro by The XX

Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Someone Out of Town by Yuna

Love For That by Mura Masa




In celebration of the fact that I just broke a hundred followers, I’m tagging some of my most recent ones! 100’s probably not a lot to some of you, but for an inconsistent hobby blogger that honestly doesn’t try too hard and doesn’t write too well, I’m pretty honored to have you all here. Much love to all the wonderful book friends I have here. ❤

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