WWW Wednesday #5


WWW Wednesday is a weekly MEME hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Simply answer the following questions.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?



The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I had actually never heard of this book until all the hype about Caraval kicked up, which often referenced this novel. It’s whimsical and intriguing so far, albeit somewhat hard to follow. Eager to see where it goes.



What did you recently finish reading?




This is Our Story by Ashley Elston

Underwhelmed and disappointed by this one. I think it actually put me into a reading slump because I didn’t really feel compelled to finish it. Sad face. That’s it for the past couple of weeks though. Things have been pretty slow on the book front for me.



What do you think you’ll read next?

A Gathering of Shadows. Rare that I have a definite answer to this part of WWW’s, but my book hangover from A Darker Shade of Magic has finally faded and I’m ready to move on with the series. You guys ever get that? Where you get so sad about a series eventually ending that you refuse to read the next one? So bittersweet when that happens.

Happy Reading!


WWW Wednesday #4


WWW Wednesday is a weekly MEME hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Simply answer the following questions.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?



This is Our Story by Ashley Elston

I’ve had this one in my peripherals for a little while now. It’s popped up quite a few times on other bloggers’ underrated lists and the cover and synopsis sound intriguing. I also felt like I needed somewhat of a fantasy break, but wasn’t feeling a contemporary romance type novel. So hoping the mystery element keeps this intriguing for me.



What did you recently finish reading?

A Darker Shade final for Irene

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Guys, help. I  think I am in love…with this book. I want more, but I’m also stalling at starting the next one because I don’t want it to end yet. I’ll have a full review up in a couple weeks, but it’s basically just gushing. Fangirling over here.




What do you think you’ll read next?

A Court of Mist and Fury is still on the list as is the sequel, A Gathering of Shadows. I think it’s mainly between those two and I’m leaning AGOS, though there’s been much push from all of you guys to get into ACOMAF already hahaha. So I guess we’ll see!

Happy Reading!


WWW Wednesday #3


WWW Wednesday is a weekly MEME hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Simply answer the following questions.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?

A Darker Shade final for Irene

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Finally starting this series and I am loving it so far. Really quite a cool world Schwab has built. Can’t wait to see where it goes.




What did you recently finish reading?


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Whoo! This one was a slooooow burn for me, but I’ve finally finished it. Full review will be out end of the month as always, but safe to say my feelings on this one are positive.




What do you think you’ll read next?

So many options. Ugh. This section of WWW’s are always super hard for me. I honestly never decide what I’m going to read in advance. My TBR is really only a muggy mental list and I never know what’s coming up until I’ve started. That being said, I want to pick up A Court of Mist and Fury because everyone says the series just gets better, but I also have been reading a lot of fantasy lately. I may need a change of pace, so maybe I’ll look into a NA contemporary novel. Any recommendations?

Happy Reading!


The Unique Blogger Award


Hey folks!

Look, more blogger awards! Whaaaaat. These have been so much fun to be a part of. Not just answering them, but in passing them along and reading all of your responses. All of the ones I tagged for the Liebster Award have been a blast to go through. It’s cool getting to know all of you.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.34.39 AM.png

Anyways, I was nominated for the Unique Blogger Award by Evy @ Evy Reads Books Blog! She’s got great reviews happening over there and her gif responses always crack me up, so do visit her site and give her some love.

The Rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them three questions.


Which book do have to keep close to you, or have to reread frequently as you love it so much?

I’m actually not a huge fan of re-reading lately. Even when I do re-read, it’s a book that I haven’t touched in years and want to revisit for nostalgia’s sake. So I rarely keep something on hand to re-read often. I do always have my Kindle on me though.


Which author would you spend a day with, and what question would you definitely ask him/her?

Leigh Bardugo, possibly? Or Maggie Stiefvater or V.E. Schwab. I love the worlds and adventures and character they’ve built and I would interrogate the shit out of them as to what influenced them and what they’ve got up their sleeve next. I would also totally ask them to fancast their own characters. It’s always interesting to find out who they imagine playing the part.

Do you like book to movie adaptations? Which one is your favourite?

While I always feel like I’m disappointed with movie adaptations, I do love them. The actual writing and plot pacing never lives up to my expectations, but I love seeing how well the cast embodies the characters I’ve envisioned in my mind. I also love seeing the sets and worlds come to life especially with dystopian, fantasy or sci-fi novels. I think the Harry Potter ones were spot-on. The Mortal Instruments movie and series were stylistically cool to see, but the acting is just too cringe-y sometimes. The Maze runner was another one that I feel fell short, but loved the casting.


New questions:

  1. If you could have any animal or mythical creature from a book as a pet, which would you pick?
  2. Who is one of your least favorite characters of all time?
  3. Name a supporting character that you love more than the main protagonist.


I am nominating some of my most recent follows and followers. Can’t wait to read all your responses! 🙂 8 to 13 is a lot of people. Forgive me blog world, but I’m gonna stick to six for now!

Tinka @ The Crazy Reader

Brookie @ Brookie Cowles

Kevin @ Bookevin

Kiersten @ Once Upon A Spine

Masa and Nusa @ Whispers of Thoughts

Maxine @ The Rogue Storyteller


The Sick Book Tag

Hey folks! Time for another book tag, whoop whoop! Here is The Sick Book Tag, which was first created by Dark_Chickie on Wattpad. I stole this from Duckess @ Hook a Book. 

Diabetes- a book too sweet, like really sweet

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han | My Review

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell | My Review

Jenny Han and Rainbow Rowell are the queens of sweet, sugary fluff. Sometimes I’m a fan, sometimes I’m not. But you can’t deny the sweetness. These books are like literary sprinkles.


Chicken Pox- a book you picked up once but will never pick up again

The Selection by Kiera Cass | My Review

Soundless by Richelle Mead

There was a lot of love for the Selection series, but I really couldn’t stand it. I was confounded by the world and setting, the characters were unlikeable and quite frankly, nothing happened. Soundless, however, was just a terrible book. Though an interesting concept, it was poorly written. The execution there was just flat. Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy is pretty popular, but Soundless? Hard pass. Needless to say, I won’t be finishing or re-reading these anytime soon.


Influenza- a contagious book that spreads like a virus

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments started off as a trilogy but grew into a series, which then got a movie and a TV show. Then, we have the Infernal Devices and multiple one-off stories plus compendiums. Cassandra Clare’s supernatural world blossomed into a huge franchise. I think I was thirteen when the series first started. Crazy to think of how much it has expanded.


The Cycle- a book you read every month, year, or often


It’s been a long, long time since I’ve re-read a book, especially since the TBR pile has grown so big lately. When I was a kid though, I had collected almost all of the Series of Unfortunate Events books and re-read those again and again. I also read through Eragon multiple times while waiting for the sequel to come out. Ironically, when it did, I didn’t have the time to read it anymore and actually never got around to it.



Insomnia- a book that kept you up all night


More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera 

I mention this book in way too many of these tags, but I got sucked in and stayed up way too late reading this on my kindle under the covers. Another perk of having a kindle – getting to read in bed without having to keep the lights on.


Amnesia- a book that’s forgotten and didn’t leave a powerful impression in your memory


If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

This wasn’t a bad read by any means. I actually rated it rather highly, but it just wasn’t super memorable for me. Even now, I can’t quite remember my thoughts on it, especially since I never got around to writing my review for it.


Asthma- A book that took your breath away


The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater | My Review

For a young adult novel, it felt refreshingly different in tone and plot. The characters were whimsical and dark and the mythology of everything was superb. I still need to finish this series. I don’t know why I’ve been sitting on it for so long.



Malnutrition- a book that lacked food for thought


Paper Princess by Erin Watt | My Review

This was all hot guys and sex and scandal without a ton to think about or think through. It kind of read like smut or weird high-school erotica to me.


Travel Sickness- a book that took you on a trip through time and space


The Firebird Series by Claudia Gray | My Review

I had my issues with this series, but there’s no denying it took you to incredible places. The characters literally travel through  different dimensions. And while technically, the time isn’t actually changing, the worlds’ different progression rates leave them feeling like parts of the past or future. End of the day, these were still entertaining reads. I just got so annoyed with the protagonist in the second novel that I’m not sure I can fight my way through the third.


Tagging the following wonderful  book bloggers and anyone else who wants to this tag!

Swetlana and Sandra @ Reading Through the Nights

Kiersten @ Once Upon a Spine

Michelle @ Book Adventures



My Life in Books Tag


Thank you Alice @ Wonderful Words 101 for tagging me!


J – The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

E – Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

A – A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

N – Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

N – Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

I – If I Stay by Gayle Forman

E – Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Can I just say how difficult it was to find a ‘J’ title? Sheesh.


I don’t have a ton on my bookshelf, but luckily I’m not that old. The 23rd book on my shelf is…Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn!


I read this one awhile ago but never got around to writing a review for it. If you enjoyed Gone Girl, Sharp Objects is along a similar vein. Dysfunctional family and girls who are really messed up in the head.



Ink by Amanda Sun

I’d really like to travel through Asia, everywhere really. If I had to pick a couple though, I have been dying to go to Thailand and Japan. How terrible is it that I couldn’t think of any books set in these places off the top of my head. I really need to start reading more diverse books. Though when you read mostly fantasy and sci-fi, finding real-world settings can be difficult I guess. Anyways, I did some Goodreads searching and found the Paper Gods series, set in Japan. I haven’t read these yet, but I have always loved their covers. Gooorgeous.



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I love blues and greens. Despite the fact that everything I own is black, I actually love this minty green color.



One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed this book. But I had to read and re-read passages over and over again. The sheer number of characters with similar names combined with an ever-changing timeline plus all the elements of magical realism made this one quite difficult to follow at times.



Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

So this book has earned its spot on multiple ‘Toughest Books to Read’ lists over the years. I’ve had a copy sitting on my shelf for years now and started it a couple of times. It’s an entertaining read, but I just haven’t had the tenacity to finish it through yet. One of these days!

Man, oh man, this one was kind of a toughie of a book tag for me. Hope you guys have an easier time with it!

Amy Lee @ The Book Lagoon

Sophie @ Blame Chocolate

Millie @ MillieBot Reads



Rapid Fire Book Tag


Book Tag Yay! I’ve never done a book tag before, but this was pretty fun. Send me more, friends! I stole this tag from Jess @ BeaucoupBooks.

1. E-book or Physical book?

E-books! While I love actually having physical books, I find that I’m reading a lot more with e-books. They’re so portable and wallet-friendly. I’ll still go out and buy a book if I really loved it though or if the cover is amazing and I neeeeeeeeed it.

2. Paperback or Hardback?

Paperback. Unless there’s a super pretty hardcover version. I’m a sucker for pretty things.

3. Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

I like browsing in-store and then actually pulling the trigger on books online. Maybe it’s nostalgia from going to the library every weekend with my mom, but I love the smell and feel of libraries and bookstores. Plus I like touching all the books.


4. Trilogies or Series?

Trilogies. Either is fine really, but sometimes series can go on for too long, whereas trilogies tend to have a nice conclusion.

5. Heroes or Villains?

Heroes. I got a soft spot for the good guys. Too many superhero shows and comicbooks as kid. Not to say there aren’t great villain stories though like Marie Lu’s The Young Elites.

6. A Book You Want Everyone To Read?

The Harry Potter series. A common answer maybe. But I was one of those weirdos that didn’t read this until I was twenty-one because I thought it was way too mainstream and hyped growing up. When I finally decided to read them, I binged all the books and all the movies in a couple of weeks. So sad I didn’t read them earlier as a kid.


7. Recommend an Underrated Author?

I actually can’t think of one off the top of my head. 😐 Recommendations below pls!

8. The Last Book You Finished?


More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

It’ll be in my February Book Reviews post later, but long story short, I loved this one.

9. Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

Toilet paper. Clean toilet paper, guys, obviously. But let’s be honest, everyone reads on the crapper and when you need a bookmark, the TP is there.

10. Used Books: Yes or No?

Yes! I used to raid the Goodwill bookstores where they have used books for $1 or $2. I’ve been reading almost exclusively on the Kindle lately though, so used books aren’t really an option.

11. Top Three Favourite Genres?

Fantasy, Contemporary, and Sci-Fi.

12. Borrow or Buy?

Borrow! I’m pretty sure I’m a library felon because I’m terrible at returning books on time so I haven’t checked out an actual book in a long time.  I do, however, love Overdrive and Hoopla for borrowing e-books and audiobooks.

13. Character or Plot?

Mmm. This is difficult because why would you want a book that only had one or the other. That being said, if I absolutely had to choose, I think I’d go with characters. Believable characters are what drive emotional investment for me and a plot can be found in solid character development.

14. Long or Short Books?

Either or. It’s all about that pacing. Short books can still drag and long books can still fly by.

15. Name The First Three Books You Think Of.






Bone Gap by Laura Ruby.

Wink, Poppy, Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber.

16. Books That Make You Laugh or Cry?


The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner, More Happy Than Not by Adam Silver

I’m not a book-laugher I guess, but I’m definitely a book crier. The last two heart-breaking books I read were probably these two. Maybe not sobbing, but definitely teary-eyed.

17. Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Our world. I can’t remember the last time I read a fantasy novel.

18. Audiobooks: Yes or No?

Yes? I’ve never successfully finished one. It always takes long to listen to one than to read a book obviously, but I’ll listen to a few chapters than get overeager and just read the rest. This happened with The Martian and Red Rising. Though I recently started listening to Prodigy by Marie Lu and I may actually finish that one. We’ll see.

19. Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?



20. Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

TV Shows. Especially with a lot of YA series, I feel like you get more out TV adaptations. Plus, you get to see all your favorite scenes and more with shows. I feel like movies always lose out on something. There are exceptions of course where a movie makes more sense. (i.e. Gone Girl or Perks of Being a Wallflower)

21. A Movie or TV Show You Preferred to the Book?

Book-snob here. Let’s be honest, the book is always better.

22. Series or Standalones?

Meh. Either or. Though I don’t like reading series where you get no closure until the final installment. You gotta give me a little something along the way. I have no patience.



I’ll tag some of my most recent book blogger follows and anyone else who wants to do it. Happy Tagging! 🙂

Priscilla @ Rand0m Book Girl

Wing Yee @ Bibliphilic Med Student

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